Shipton-under-Wychwood is an ancient village in the area that was once the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood.


The name Shipton derives from  the Old English 'sceap' or 'scip' meaning sheep, and 'tun' meaning enclosure - so 'sheepfold' is an appropriate name for our house!


The church, St Mary the Virgin, was built between 1200 and 1250. It has regular Sunday services, a choir well worth hearing, and bells which are rung. 


There are many fine walks around the village - you can easily explore lanes and paths and take in the lovely views. We have copies of a village map which will help you find your way around the back roads and paths.


We are very lucky to have the Wychwood Wild Garden on our doorstep - 12.5 acres of natural habitat, largely created in Victorian times, and now owned and managed by the local community for the benefit of local people and visitors.  Particularly striking are the avenue of 100 lime trees and a Cedar of Lebanon which may be more than 300 years old.  You can easily while away an hour wandering about the garden, perhaps sitting by the lakes and enjoying the tranquility.  

The village offers a well-stocked shop with post office counter.  The shop sells 'Matthews Cotswold Flour' from our local flour mill  - which supplies flour all over the UK and beyond.  A great source of flour for our home baking!  

There are inns with restaurants (see 'Eating Out' section) (booking advised, especially at weekends).

Shipton is also home to lively cricket and tennis clubs.

Walkers may like to know that the village is close to the Oxfordshire Way, and we have a good selection of walking maps and guides for you to browse.